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Total Machine number, 4 sets Sulzer TW11

4 Mach. weaving width: 3.900 mm
Colour and weft feeder: 1 Pc.
Shedding device: Cam motion
Shaft: 10 Pcs. (3 of them 6 long levers and the 1 of them 10 long levers)
Frames: 4 Pcs.
Tuck-in device: No
Weft feeder: 1 Pc.
Heald and droppers: 7.500 Pcs.
Warp beam numbers: 6 Pcs.

Serial no: the one of them is 26654 other 3 came from Europe and the machine serial numbers deleted from the machine frame and painted, put the temporary machine plates on the machines only for the customs release because over 5 years old machines cannot import according to Turkish customs regulations. But when you check the pictures and if you know the TW11 machines then you will see all 4 machines above the 1970 and strong frame also very robust. If you want you can come and inspect to the machines.


1 review for Proposal 02203

  1. Mr Rafel Sempere

    Please send me complete proposal

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